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I deeply thank the customers who love Seil Industrial for supporting us.

By focusing on R&D to become the world’s top company in the 21st century, Seil has developed the ability to produce all gears based on the expertise we have accumulated over the past 20 years.

Since 1998, in particular, the company has secured a high level of competitive strength in terms of deadline and price, compared with other domestic firms, by systematically structuring our forging factory and developing facilities to enable the package production of gears from materials and heat processing.

The company acquired ISO9002 quality certification in 1997, QS9000 certification in 2000 and TS/ISO 16949 certification in 2003, and has greatly improved its quality competitiveness.


In 1993, Seil Industrial began to export gears for tractors to Japan’s leading farm machine makers, and is currently exporting various gears for automobiles, farm machines, heavy equipment and forklifts and related products worth over US$10 million each year to many countries, including markets in America, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.



In August of 2000, Seil Industrial moved its factory to the outskirts of Jinju and secured an exclusive assembly plant. The company also expanded production of assembled goods, such as differential gears for cars, front axles for tractors, hydraulic cylinder combination and combine transmissions. Seil established a research center in January of 2001, and is devoting all its energy to technological research and the development of new products, working in cooperation with Gyeongsang National University.  



I pledge that all members of Seil will do their best to repay the support of customers, under the company mottos of “Diligence and faithfulness” and “Creation and challenge.”



SEIL Industrial Co., Ltd.

CEO Mun Chang-Yong, Choi Yeong-Tae



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