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SEIL Industrial Co., Ltd.


December 1982: Established on December 2, 1982

July 1989: Developed gears for express bus engines

February 1990: Developed oil pumps for express bus engines

March 1992: Commended for good tax accounting (Commissioner, National Tax Service)

October 1993: Developed front axle assembly for a tractor

March 1993: Awarded by Minister of Commerce on the day of entrepreneurs

June 1994: Developed a transmission assembly for combine harvesters

May 1995: Exported gears for tractors to Japan

January : Developed and started operating ERP System

September : Acquired IOS9002 Certification (L.K LLOYD)

August : Developed and exported track rollers, links, idlers, sprockets for heavy equipment to East Asia

January : Exported main shafts for equipment transmission to USA

November : Won “Grand Prix” in Gyeongsangnam-do Industrial Peace Award

October : Acquired QS 9000 Certification (U.K LLOYD)

August : Extended and relocated Daegok Factory

October : Developed a hydraulic cylinder assembly for a tractor

July : Exported axles for a tractor to Japan

June : Opened R&D center

April : Exported gears for a golf cart to USA

August : Completed and relocated the roller factory

June : Developed a center case assembly for a combine header

October : Acquired TS 16949 Certification (U.K LLOYD)

November : Awarded Grand Prix for Gyeongsangnam-do small & medium-sized businesses

November : Awarded 5 Million Export Top

January : Exported engine gears for a passenger car to the Middle East

July : Designated as INNO-BIZ

January : Acquired approval for patent (Hydraulic winch)

December : Acquired approval for patent (Installing structure for transmission)

August : Acquired approval for patent (Transmission apparatus with integrated breaking device)

August : Authorized as parts/materials manufacturer (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)

July : Acquired approval for patent (Decelerator for driving shaft)

January : Acquired approval for USA & European patent (Transmission apparatus with integrated breaking device)

November : Introduced automatic assembly line for an excavator decelerator


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